The Thrift Shop in Douglasville, GA, That Has a Massive Selection of Used Goods is Value Village

Thrift Shop DouglasvilleThe Value Village thrift shop in Douglasville, GA, carries a large assortment of used clothing, pre-owned home goods, and other second hand items. At Value Village, we pride ourselves in not only keeping our selection of used goods constantly updated, but also in making sure our spacious stores facilitate a pleasant shopping experience. Our friendly employees make sure our racks are organized, our aisles are clear, and that our stores and merchandise are always clean. This attention to creating an enjoyable shopping environment is just one of the reasons Value Village recently won the Best Thrift Store Award from Creative Loafing.

What really sets Value Village second hand shops apart from any other thrift shop is our unparalleled selection of used men’s, women’s, and children’s used clothing. We carry everything from formal wear to casual clothing, and have options for all ages and sizes. Plus, we have a wide assortment of accessories as well, including boots and shoes, purses and bags, ties and scarves, and more. To make sure our merchandise is of the highest quality, at our second hand store we inspect each article of clothing we receive for damages. We also take this opportunity to price each item based on its quality and condition, so when you make a purchase from a Value Village thrift shop, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting a fair price.

In addition to clothing, at a Value Village thrift store you’ll also find:

  • Electronics, including televisions and stereos
  • Bed frames, mattresses, and other used furniture
  • Small kitchen appliances, like microwaves, toasters, and blenders
  • And more

To browse the current selection at our thrift shop in Douglasville, GA, visit our Value Village discount store today.