For a Better Discount Store Experience in the Alpharetta, GA, Area, Come to Value Village

Discount Store Alpharetta GA Value Village, a discount store in the Alpharetta, Georgia, area, is your premier destination for excellent deals on high-quality merchandise. We have a wide assortment of gently used items that are in tip-top condition. Each day, our staff carefully sorts through thousands of items, inspecting each one individually to make sure you only find the best quality goods on our sales floor. Then we price our goods based on individual condition, so you’ll never pay more than what an item is truly worth.

Plus, unlike other thrift stores in the region, we offer a shopping environment that is bright, clean, and highly organized. This means you’ll never have to dig through disorganized heaps of merchandise to find what you seek. Our discount store imitates the shopping experience you’d have at a big-name retailer, but without the hefty price tags.

When you shop at a Value Village discount store in the Alpharetta, GA, area, you’ll find an impressive selection of merchandise, including:

  • Clothing – A wide selection of attire for men, women, teens, and children
  • Furniture – Everything from couches, love seats, and entertainment centers to mattresses, dressers, and dining room sets
  • Vintage items – Unique keepsakes, antiques, and collectibles
  • Recreational goods – Sporting good, children’s toys, board games, and more

Plus, because of the unbelievable volume of merchandise our discount store receives on a daily basis, our inventory is constantly changing. We even offer regular sales, sometimes discounting our stock by as much as 50 percent in order to save you more money and make room on our shelves for exciting new items.

Stop by a Value Village discount store in the Alpharetta, GA, area today to view our full selection of merchandise and find out why we were voted the Best Thrift Store Award by Creative Loafing.