A Discount Store Unlike Others in the Marietta, GA, Area

Discount Store Marietta GAFor a discount store shopping experience unlike any other in the Marietta, Georgia, area, stop by your local Value Village. When you shop at our thrift department store, you’ll feel like you’re shopping at one of the big-name department stores, but without the expensive prices. We keep our stores brightly lit and clean, and arrange our merchandise into wide aisles so you can browse easily without feeling cramped. All of our goods are displayed neatly on shelves or hung on clothing racks, so you’ll never have to rummage through disorganized piles of merchandise to find what you’re looking for. For this reason and more, Value Village discount store has earned the “Best Thrift Store Award” from Creative Loafing.

Furthermore, our merchandise is marked at the lowest prices around thanks to our meticulous pricing strategy. Each day, we receive thousands of items, and our staff sorts through each one to find the goods that meet our high quality standards. Instead of lumping them into an expansive pricing category, we price each item based on its individual condition. This means you’ll find top-quality merchandise and maximum savings when you shop at our discount store.

Among the items you’ll find when you shop at a Value Village discount store in the Marietta, GA, area include:

  • Furniture – Everything from couches, love seats, and entertainment centers to mattresses, dressers, and dining room sets
  • Clothing – A wide selection of styles and sizes for men, women, teens, and children
  • Recreational goods – Children’s toys, games, sporting goods, and more
  • Vintage items – Beautiful antiques, keepsakes, and collectibles

Stop by a Value Village discount store in the Marietta, GA, area today to browse through our exciting selection of merchandise and take advantage of our low prices.