The Best Discount Store Near Duluth, GA, is Value Village

For a discount store in the Duluth, GA, area that has a massive selection of pre-owned goods and provides an enjoyable shopping experience, look no further than Value Village. But be warned – Value Village is no ordinary thrift shop. Our spacious discount store is always brightly lit, well-organized, and clean so that you can find everything you’re looking for without a hassle. Plus, our friendly employees know our stores inside and out and will be able to answer any questions you may have about where items are located. Because of our commitment to maintaining our stores and helping our shoppers find high-quality items at the lowest prices, we’ve recently been honored with the Best Thrift Store Award from Creative Loafing.

Discount Store DuluthAt our discount store near Duluth, GA, we carry a seemingly endless amount of used men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. However, at our thrift shop we offer much more than clothes. Our thrift store also carries:

  • Accessories, like purses, belts, and scarves
  • Dress shoes, tennis shoes, boots, sandals, and more
  • Jewelry, including watches, bracelets, rings, chains, and lockets
  • Children’s toys and books
  • Small home furniture
  • Kitchenware and small appliances
  • And much more

Our Value Village discount store near Duluth, GA, receives thousands of items on a weekly basis. In order to keep our prices fair and our quality high, we individually inspect every item we receive at our second hand store to make sure it’s ready for immediate use and price each product according to its specific quality and condition.

Visit our discount store in the Duluth, GA, area to see our latest selection of secondhand merchandise, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for some of our great sales.