Used Clothes for Men, Women, and Children in the Atlanta, GA, Area

Used Clothes Atlanta GAPurchasing used clothes is a great way to save money while adding attractive new pieces to your wardrobe. At Value Village Atlanta, we have a vast selection of gently used attire for women, men, and children, in a variety of styles and colors, and marked at budget-friendly prices. Plus, we never sacrifice quality for affordability, so you can rest assured that our clothing is in great condition, and free of damage such as tears and broken zippers.

In addition to having excellent quality used clothes in stock, we also keep our stores brightly lit and clean to emulate the pleasant retail environment of the big-name department stores. All of our merchandise is displayed prominently on shelves or hung neatly on clothing racks, so you’ll never have to dig through heaps of clothing or disorganized bins to find what you’re looking for. For these reasons and more, we’ve earned the “Best Thrift Store Award” from Creative Loafing.

Some of the used clothes you’ll find while shopping at a Value Village in the Atlanta, GA, area include:

  • Coats and other outerwear
  • Sweaters and vests
  • Active wear
  • Jeans and slacks
  • Women’s dresses

Furthermore, by purchasing used clothing, you’re not just making your wallet happy, you’re also helping the environment. Each item that we sell is one less item being thrown into a local landfill, reducing the amount of waste accumulated by the community.

Visit one of our 12 convenient locations around Atlanta, GA, to see our full selection of used clothes and other merchandise we have in stock.