Secondhand Stores in Marietta, GA

secondhand stores mariettaSo, you’ve tried your hardest to “go green” but many of the green ideas you’ve read about are simply too expensive for you to implement. Thankfully, Value Village’s secondhand stores in Marietta and other area locations are a simple and cost-effective way to help the environment.

What’s eco-friendly about our secondhand stores, you ask? Well, when it comes to Value Village, quite a lot. For example, if you buy a used stereo from one of our clean and well-organized thrift department stores, you are keeping harmful plastic and batteries out of local landfills. Buying used goods from second hand shops also reduces your carbon footprint, as lowering demand for new products leads to less production and shipping of goods, in general.

Every item that we offer at our secondhand stores is held to the highest standards. We carefully inspect and individually price everything we sell based on condition, guaranteeing that you won’t ever overpay or sacrifice quality in the name of value. In keeping with our commitment to be green, we recycle every item that doesn’t pass muster.

Our comprehensive inventory changes daily and includes:

Are you interested in helping the environment while snagging the kind of deals that only our secondhand stores can offer? Visit our Marietta store or one of our 12 other locations throughout the area to see our selection.