Live an Affordable, Green Lifestyle in Atlanta, Marietta, Stockbridge, Douglasville or Any Other Metro Area Community

green lifestyleSeemingly everywhere you turn today, there is buzz about living a green lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people never even give a second thought to adopting green living habits because of the widespread perception that living a green lifestyle means a more expensive lifestyle. However, making small changes in how you live can make big, positive impacts on our planet, and many of these green lifestyle efforts are highly affordable. One significant change you may consider that can actually help you to save money while living a green lifestyle is buying second hand items from your nearest Value Village thrift department store. When you buy any of our gently used items, you not only are paying a mere fraction of the cost of what you would spend for similar new goods, but you are also keeping perfectly usable items out of local landfills. Plus, buying used items means you are reducing the strain on natural resources that would be used in producing new goods. An added benefit of buying used household items is that you are minimizing your carbon footprint, since the energy used to manufacture new products can emit potentially harmful carbons into our atmosphere.

We have many gently used items that can help you live a green lifestyle. These include:

  • Green clothing for men, women, children, toddlers, and infants
  • Home furniture
  • Housewares
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Shoes
  • And more

At Value Village, we are environmentally conscientious and always recycle any of the items that don’t meet our high quality or cleanliness standards. So, you can shop here in confidence knowing that you’re not only buying items that are in top condition, but that you are patronizing a business that cares as much about our environment as you do.

Visit your nearest Value Village today and start living a green lifestyle for less. We proudly serve residents throughout the Atlanta Metro area, including those living in Decatur, Forest Park, and Sugar Hill.