Value Village Stores Offer Vintage Items in Atlanta, Decatur, Roswell, Marietta, and Elsewhere in the Metro Area

vintage storesShopping at most vintage stores can be tedious and unpleasant, because often times their merchandise is kept in messy piles or stored in dingy baskets, shelves, and racks. However, when you buy your vintage items at Value Village, you’ll find incredible prices on pieces that are well organized in a clean, bright shopping environment that looks more like a mall department store than a typical vintage store. Our stores include a wide variety of vintage merchandise from many different eras, so whether you’re looking for ‘80s acid wash jeans or retro salt and pepper shakers from the ‘50s, there’s a good chance we’re going to have them.

We sell all kinds of vintage items, including:

  • Vintage women’s and men’s clothing
  • Antique jewelry
  • Costume jewelry
  • Collectible toys
  • Antiques

While many vintage stores don’t screen their merchandise for quality, we do. We carefully inspect the quality of everything in our extensive inventory and don’t sell any pieces that have holes, tears, or other damage. The pieces we sell are individually priced based on condition to ensure you’ll get a fair deal, and items that don’t meet our quality standards are recycled to help keep our planet a little cleaner.

If you’re in Conyers, Marietta, Riverdale, or anywhere else in the Atlanta area and want to find great prices on unique items from years past, visit Value Village and see why we’re the vintage store for you